Don’t just take my word for it…


“I was searching for a way to explain and express my inner feelings towards my projects. There were so many emotions and intense moments of passion. How I could I transform this into the right wording? How could I write it so that people really understood the point? Then I explained it to Lisa and she put it into such authentic words, as I never could imagine it. She just hit the core. It is truly a gift to work with her. Thank You, Lisa for opening your heart to edit the feeling in such a wonderful way. You really are gifted and blessed with your talent to write.”  -THOMAS ROHNER, founder V-528 & Love Tuner

Thomas Rohner, Vienna, Austria

“It was so great to work with Lisa on my website text. I just brainstormed the ideas and my feelings and she just found the right written words. Magic!”

Brigitte Profile Pic copy-Brigitte Veldman, Seaside Curacao Services


“Lisa Pegram is a lotus blossom bursting into a divine peacock! Her poetry is spiritually charged and her delivery has that soulful edge that can only be described as divine funky!”
Regie Cabico, World renowned performance artist, poet & educator

Regie Fab Profile copyRegie Cabico, New York, NY


“In collaboration with other artists, all kinds of things can and do go terribly wrong, but in collaboration with Lisa Pegram I find that all of those things and many more I never considered can and do go spectacularly right. Our differences feed each others creativity as much as do our similarities, and the result is a rich and rewarding partnership that has truly taught me the meaning of the old saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. I am truly privileged to work with her, and because of her openness and honesty I have the joy to know she feels the same about collaborating with me.” -Dr. David Arbury, D.M.A (Composer)

Dave Arbury Profile Pic copyDr. David Arbury, Composer www.davidarbury.com


“Apart from being utterly fabulous at all times, Lisa Pegram is a true renaissance woman. She does everything and seems to be everywhere! I’ve connected with many people outside of the DC area who’ve mentioned Lisa or one of her projects and I’m always so happy to see the ways in which she has brought so much joy into other people’s lives. What I have learned most from Lisa is the importance of community, of knowing where you’re from and being gracious to the people who got you to where you are; and for that reason I am forever grateful to Lisa Pegram and her undying spirit of light and so much love.”  -Taylor Johnson, former student (Oberlin College)

Taylor Johnson, Spoken Word Poet & generally amazing human being

“This 6 Ft tall woman came charging in with all the colors of lava, all the power of waterfalls, all the air of errything that makes DC beautiful.  She was imperfect. Her smile was wide.  Her hands thin and bony, yet I found home in her. And through her I found so much, performances, friendship, a scholarship. I would say she is a force, but that word lacks the power she has.  I would say she is a queen, but that’s too lowly so I’ll just say that she is A LISA! -Murktarat Yussuf, former student (Dartmouth University)

Murktarat Yussuf, “Maker of things: poetic. wearable. photographic.”

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