The Love Tuner


Since I began meditating about 8 years ago, I have wanted to find simple ways to share a bit of peace with everyone I meet. I teamed up with my good friend Thomas Rohner in Vienna, Austria to help develop The Love Tuner, a pitch pipe that blows at 528 mHz, a calming tone said to simulate the frequency at which our bodies vibrate when we feel peaceful and loved. The Love Tuner is a sweet, portable meditation device that works well solo or in a group–where the sound and impact grow. Joined by the power of sound, we have been able to introduce this special device in several countries across the world and produce public tuning events to rave reviews.

Global simultaneous tuning sessions happen several times a year. Across many time zones, we connect by sounding our tuners at the same time. Stay tuned for info about the next worldwide event!

Click this photo to learn more about the Love Tuner and how to get one of your own!


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