Light Bearer

Before thought there is silence. Before word there is breath.

Click this photo to find out more info about The Art of Living Course. (photo taken at Art Of Living Headquarters, Bangalore India)

How in THE WORLD do I have time to do all I do with only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year?

3. I plan in months and years, not weeks and days.

2. I am working on growing a few additional arms, like the best of Indian goddesses.

But until then…

1. I meditate.

A regular practice of mindfulness whittles the complexities of my multi-tasking down to the simplicity of breath. That awareness keeps me grounded in the present moment, a triple dose of focus that lands in me like a pearl dropped in a pond and ripples out to all of the busy busy on the surface. Being fully present allows me to make the most of every moment, relationship and opportunity. The result is an increased capacity to explore all of my talents with the discipline that comes with maintaining a strong core.

I was introduced to meditation through The Art of Living Course. They teach effective stress relieving techniques to thousands of people all over the world (yet another international community for Little Miss Passport to hitch her wagon to.) Meanwhile, 75% of all toxins are released from our body through our breath. The Art of Living Course is tried and true for healing trauma, chronic illness and stress which create harmful toxins that leave their imprint on our bodies. I take pride in my outer appearance, but meditation is how I bathe on the inside and refill the well so I can carry on, for goodness sake.


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