I teach what I know. I take snapshots of the world as I see it with my words and use creative approaches to teaching literary craft to help others do the same. I am not a sage on the stage, but a guide on the side, shining a light as my students seek their own truths.

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Teaching is my family trade, I come by it honestly. My great grandpeople,  grandparents, mother and many of their close friends all distinguished themselves as champions of young people through education. We are a campus clan, our family dinner parties were filled with professors and intellectuals that ranged all subjects (Oh, the conversations! Not to mention the clothes!)  I grew up watching these giants nurture and cultivate young people in a concerted effort to prepare them to confront any individual or societal obstacle to their success. Civic engagement was served in our family like fish on Fridays. Not an IF but a WHAT and HOW in the makeup of how one makes their way in the world. The view from our porch boasts there is no better investment of both the wisdom and blessings we’ve gained than in the rising generation.

I also offer innovative professional development, public speaking and team-building workshops to adults who want to integrate creative approaches to their work, wellness and home life.

Not everyone can teach, but those who can, should. Therefore, I do.

Please direct workshop, master class and professional development inquiries to

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