“On a Sunday evening with the backdrop of a glorious full moon lighting up the ocean with dancing sparkles my husband and I were treated to the experience of being served a fabulous meal by our own personal chef, Lisa P. We felt like pampered celebrities. We were living the life! We were first served chunky guacamole scooped up with plantain chips while sitting in our deck chairs watching the sun go down. Lisa next invited us over to the al fresco table she had set with twinkling lights in sea shells and candles. Very romantic. We were served a traditional Curacao starter that was so bursting with savory flavor and melt in your mouth cheese, that the meal literally could have ended there with gastronomic satisfaction. But there was more…..a gorgeous fresh salad of fun complex flavor chosen to compliment the main course of penne pasta with tenderloin,pine nuts, and creamy blue cheese. The finale was a chocolate cake in the shape of a heart to be shared by the two of us, topped with coconut and ice cream. It was better than Valentine’s day. We also made sure we had a different wine for each course. Needless to say we would highly recommend Lisa’s service. Far more intimate and delicious than most restaurants on the island. It was an adventure that will be difficult to replicate. Oh, and she did the dishes!”     – Terri & Fran Hagen,  Shakopee, Minnesota

“Staying by the sea near Cas Abou is a treat in itself, but if you wish to experience a culinary treat, ask Lisa to provide dinner for you: healthful, local, fresh, tasty and most importantly, provided with charm, style and a beautiful smile. Sit back, relax and savour – Lisa looks after the rest ! A highlight of our visit for sure :)” –Marie-Louise Wcislo, Toronto

 “Lisa’s dinners and picnics are a MUST when you stay in Curacao. A fusion of local cuisine and personal touches, she uses delicious local and fresh ingredients to create unique and inspired menus. She also added music, decorations, and an incredibly warm personality to make our meal a work of art. We loved every bite!” – Michael and Katie Rodgers, North Carolina

 “Chef Lisa provided a wonderful meal for us combining a cornucopia of a seafood bisque and a properly cooked and seasoned local fish with local Curacao dishes.  Her delightful and charming personality added much to the evening. Best wishes to you and indeed we may connect again one of these days.  The older we get the more convinced we are that the world is as small as the cliche claims it to be.” –John & Elisabeth Granqvist, Vancouver, British Columbia

“On our recent vacation to Curaçao I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lisa as our personal chef for many of our meals. We were a group of 9 with many varied dietary restrictions. My diet was the most restrictive. I only use certain oils for cooking and I eat no grains that includes no bread or pasta. Lisa understood my dietary needs and she made fabulous food for our whole group. We still talk about the meatballs she made us one evening. If you have a chance to hire Lisa, she is an amazing chef that understands and works with all the different dietary needs. She is one of the nicest and most giving people I have met on my travels. She answered all of our questions, concerns and gave us help finding things on the island as well. We would always hire her on our return trips.” –Suzin Moon, Chicago, IL

“Lisa- we can not thank you enough for the 4 AMAZING meals you created for our group!!!! Not only was the food absolutely delicious, the presentation was gorgeous!! Dushi Dish was fantastic in talking with the kids and accommodating what they liked and didn’t like – and I can say you made 6 teenagers VERY happy with your dishes!!!!! The personal service was above and beyond any of expectations. Thank you for allowing us to add an extra night. I highly recommend your service to anyone in Curacao. You made our group of 14 want to come back!!! We miss you already!!!”  –Michelle Ball Davidson, Durham, North Carolina