About Lady Pcoq

“I am a kaleidoscope. Turn me.”  -Lisa Pegram

Lady Pcoq Lounging They call me Lady Pcoq because I have so many plumes.

This website is my attempt to fan the plumes out for you, and offer the option to zoom in on what you have a taste for. Imagine it as a feast. You may choose one course, nibble here & there or devour them all.

I am a writer, cook, teacher, traveler, renaissance kind of woman. My talents do not compete for my time or attention but align like a good curry or mole sauce—a cornucopia of spices layered to build a deep harmony of flavor.

At the core, I’m a literary multi-hyphenate who balances being a writer myself with the highly creative process of advocating for and amplifying the voices of BIPOC writers. A book publicist and acquisitions editor, with over 20 years experience as an educator, I’m the green light, the red pen and the megaphone.

My own work explores culture, legacy, identity and the ongoing quest for joy, most often through the lens of food. In this spirit, I love to host events that “set a table” for creatives to interact, rest and create. A Washington, DC native now based in the Caribbean, my artistic endeavors center the African diasporic experience and map kaleidoscopic expressions of Blackness that reverberate across the world.

Welcome to the Pcoq Buffet.

TABLE MANNERS: This is a peaceful meeting space and your comments are welcome and encouraged. Healthy debate is fine, but I do require that all discussions be conducted with respect.  As the elders say, “act like you got some home training.”

Thanks for joining to the conversation! All you need bring is positive energy and a good appetite.



2 thoughts on “About Lady Pcoq”

  1. Thank you, Elijah 🙂 I only have one word for you: SHINE!

  2. When you were seven years of age you were tall & precocious–now you are tall and magnificent!!
    aunt lois

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